Listening to movement, voices, vivid pictures and new things is a natural human custom which probably has the evolutional and social background as well. Detecting motion is enhanced by so many colorful newspapers, magazines, brochures, leaflets etc. They lay on our desk each and every day and end up in our bins.

There’s so much information in our life today that we can’t even start reading them. We can call it laziness or legitimate self-defence, but the point is: people’s attention doesn’t come by itself – we need to raise and retain it!

So, that’s why we highly recommended to use videos! They have an immediate impression, they’re dynamic, they’re alive!


Skiing in Austria

We are pleased to announce that our reference video of WEPAN team’s latest skiing in Tapulitz-Bürgeralm, Austria, has been completed and released on the Vimeo channel. The latest member of our team to welcom...

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